Pyrenean's mission is to enhance privacy and security by supplying free system-level Internet filtering software.  Our filtering software supplements virus protection, firewalls and other security software by helping to avoid unwanted Internet connections.  This provides protection from ads, annoying popups, potential privacy abuses by adware vendors and unscrupulous Internet trackers. 

Pyrenean's filtering software is free to K-12 schools, libraries, and other child-related social service organizations as well as to individuals for personal use.

Pyrenean's dnskl (DNSKong lite) DNS Filtering program works like traditional Hosts file blocking to block connections to questionable domains.  One problem with hosts filtering is that blocked connections can cause browser stalls and error messages.  Pyrenean's eDexter - a local-only personal image web server - prevents these browser errors and replaces annoying ads from filtered sites with GIF images.  eDexter works equally well with either the traditional host file approach or with dnskl.

Although Hosts filtering works well it has limits.  An effective Hosts file is large and difficult to manage.  dnskl can provide the same level of filtering as hosts filtering with a much smaller set of rules.  Host filters are very specific - blocking only the exact names in the Hosts File.  dnskl provides predictive filtering using only a portion of a domain name - giving you finer control over filtering without sacrificing performance.

Download the latest versions of Pyrenean's filtering software.